It’s abundantly clear to me that these two love what they do and fully embrace the Spirit of Aloha.


When my wife and I were initially in the market to purchase a home, we had the opportunity to work with one of the top Realtor teams on the island. Meeting with Isabella and Stefanie, however, felt like a much more personal experience and we felt that they would be more in tune with the needs of our family. In the end, while I’m certain that the more experienced team would have provided us with excellent service, we could not be happier with our choice. From the very beginning, communication between all parties involved was effortless and efficient. As someone who travels and works long, somewhat erratic hours, this was absolutely crucial for me. Not one text, email, or phone call went unanswered, and most of the time, their responses were immediate. Additionally, they were able to utilize secure online resources to accomplish much of the paperwork. This eliminated the need for schedules to coincide, and allowed us the flexibility to complete the paperwork in a timely fashion. We would still regularly meet in person to discuss ongoing issues or prepare for the next phase. Their ability to use multiple channels of communication ensured that we were constantly in touch and made every facet of this daunting experience both smooth and painless.  When it came time for inspections, Isabella and Stefanie provided us with a list of recommendations for the home inspection and other services. When we stated that we strongly preferred locally-owned companies and services, they were already one step ahead of us, and rather than simply pulling numbers from a phone book, they explained their personal experiences with the service providers they recommended. To me, this demonstrated that our Realtor team cared enough about us that they put every effort into ensuring that even third-party services were top-notch. At one point during the negotiations, there was a problem with my VA funding that had to be resolved. Since Isabella and Stefanie were already in constant touch with my lender, they were immediately apprised of the situation (as was I). Although this was an issue to be resolved by myself and my lender, I think it’s important to note that my Realtor team was both present and actively involved to whatever extent they could be – rather than simply waiting for me to get through it.  Additionally, I asked countless questions about the purchasing process, my paperwork, and state law (few of which were simple) and they never seemed to tire of answering them. On the extremely rare occurrence in which neither had an immediate answer, I would always get a detailed response within the hour. The expertise and professionalism of these two lovely ladies, combined with their network of contacts and extensive use of multiple channels of communication, have come together to create a well-oiled machine capable of simplifying such an arduous process and plowing through any obstacle that may stand in its path. While I’ll admit that our purchase experience didn’t present any real problems, I would argue that it’s the effectiveness of our Realtor team that prevented any such issues from rising. Indeed, the relative ease in which this process was completed is a testament to their dedication to their craft. The end result was a low-stress and confident purchasing experience for a home that we love. It’s abundantly clear to me that these two love what they do and fully embrace the Spirit of Aloha.  As such, I proudly nominate Isabella Holmgren and Stefanie Cruz of EXP Realty for the 2016 Aloha ʻĀina REALTOR© Award!