They went beyond their professional duties and I consider them both dear friends that I can count on to deliver above all expectations.


Isabella and Stefanie provided exceptional service from the conception of the sale of our condo to the closing date on the purchase of our new ‘Aloha’ home. Both realtors visited our home multiple times before we signed our contract to answer questions on preparing our condo for sale, renovations, and finding our new home. Isabella patiently and thoroughly reviewed our contract to sell our condo with us and connected us to various properties to review as possibilities for our new home. We were accompanied with our realtor’s physical and professional support to each property we visited. When we found our home, Stefanie prepared our offer immediately, reviewed it with us, and sent it to the selling agent promptly. When the market as hot as it is now and we had a contingency on the offer, we truly needed the guidance that our realtors provided. We had the opportunity to prepare a best and final offer for the home we wanted and we were once again delighted by the knowledge and time our realtors dedicated to us to create a ‘best and final offer’. With Isabella and Stefanie’s in-depth knowledge of the market, our offer was designed to outshine the competition and was selected above all other offers. We followed their advice on preparing our condo for sale, received multiple offers, and the condo was under contract in two days. With their timely response to all matters, we were able to move forward quickly with both the selling and buying transactions. Throughout our move, Isabella and Stefanie treated us better than family, they shared their wisdom and respected our decisions. They protected our interests and gave us opportunities to explore all aspects of the sale and purchase. They met with us on our schedule and at our convenience. For example, we signed for the sale of our condo at a park because we needed to coach a soccer practice and Isabella brought the notary to us. Stefanie and Isabella went shopping for a washing machine for us when our appliance guy didn’t show up as scheduled and offered their time and energy to aid us to meet every challenge. When a mishap occurred with our loan officer, they immediately responded and worked with our loan officer to correct the error and ensure our process proceeded smoothly. Their integrity, kindness, and positive attitude is evident in every interaction with them. They rose to meet every obstacle with grace and support, offering multiple solutions and possibilities, keeping our preferences and budget in mind. They went beyond their professional duties and I consider them both dear friends that I can count on to deliver above all expectations.